Blue Planet Energy Accelerates Beyond 2.5GWhs of Energy Delivered from Global Battery Installations

December 10, 2020
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HONOLULU, December 10, 2020 - Blue Planet Energy continued its momentum in delivering premium energy storage solutions to global resilience projects in 2020, surpassing a 2.5GWh company milestone of reliable energy delivered from its Blue Ion product installations. In addition, this year marked the first installations of the new Blue Ion LX integrated solution at sites across North America, which include a grid-independent microgrid installation at an industrial warehouse facility in Santa Cruz, Calif., and a 1MWh project in the Northeastern U.S. The company also launched new project financing options for its customers and expanded its operational footprint with a new service center and key new hires to keep up with the robust growth in demand for microgrids and smart energy storage solutions.“With all the challenges that 2020 had for the world, from intense wildfires and hurricanes to the expansion of health services in response to the pandemic, every turn throughout the year underscored the urgent need for increased energy resilience on a global scale,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Blue Planet Energy. “The Blue Planet Energy ‘ohana rose to these challenges and reinforced our commitments to not only advance energy storage safety and quality but also advance the industry's practices in terms of being a responsible business. We strive to represent the communities we serve and to establish an inclusive model to expand our impact and accelerate the clean energy revolution. For example, in 2020 we proudly joined over 1,000 companies in signing the CEO Action Pledge to create a more inclusive workplace, pursuing a diversity of talents, experiences, and perspectives to bring forward new solutions, approaches, and innovations.”Energy Storage InnovationsIn 2020, Blue Planet Energy continued to set the bar for energy storage safety and quality. The company set itself apart in the market by completing the UL9540A evaluation at the battery cell and module level, a testing process developed to address the fire safety hazards associated with propagating thermal runaway within battery systems. Blue Planet Energy’s non-toxic lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) batteries are strategically integrated with flexible microgrid control software in a ruggedized, custom enclosure for the new Blue Ion LX solution, which began deployments this year. In early 2021, the company plans to evolve its Blue Ion product line with new innovations that leverage high-quality features introduced with the Blue Ion LX.

Global Resilience Projects

Blue Planet Energy battery storage systems continued to be deployed in diverse projects in 2020, including the Basalt Vista innovative affordable housing project in Basalt, Colo., developed in coordination with numerous stakeholders the Department of Energy (DOE), National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Habitat for Humanity, Sunsense Solar and Holy Cross Energy. Additional community infrastructure projects were implemented in collaboration with non-government organizations, community non-profits, and more throughout the year, such as water pumping stations, hospitals, and children’s shelters.

Company Expansions

The company also built out new project financing offerings in 2020, providing options for both loans and leases. For example, Blue Planet Energy is now an approved energy storage vendor with Mosaic, where dealers can use Mosaic to finance solar-plus-storage or storage-only projects by registering on the Mosaic platform. Other company expansions include a new service center in California and team additions in marketing, engineering, operations, and sales.For more information about Blue Planet Energy, visit Blue Planet EnergyBlue Planet Energy is making the promise of grid independence a reality. With our scalable Blue Ion energy platform, we enable safe, resilient, clean energy to be delivered through distributed, smart energy storage and microgrids. Our energy storage systems are used by both businesses and homeowners to provide energy security and independence from the utility grid while driving the increased use of renewable power generation. To learn more about our technology or join our top-notch dealer network, visit

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