Blue Planet Energy Has a Solar Battery With Character

September 23, 2023
4 Min

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Blue Planet Energy, a clean energy company based in Hawaii and founded by Henk Rogers, founder of The Tetris Company, gave us a sneak peek at its new residential solar battery, the BlueWave. And we are happy to say that it doesn't look like an outdoor refrigerator.  

Blue Planet Energy unveiled BlueWave during this year's RE+, a renewable energy trade show in Las Vegas. The design of the battery accomplishes two main goals. The first is a compact, modular and aesthetically pleasing battery capable of meeting a variety of energy needs. The second is to provide the installer with a ridiculously easy battery installation.  

Courtesy of Sarah Drolet / CNET

"Everything has been designed thinking about the field serviceability, thinking about the homeowner, the installer, and also the distribution partners," Ava Gibson, chief revenue officer for Neubau Energy and ambassador for Blue Planet Energy, told CNET. "Which is really how you're going to be able to scale and deploy as much energy storage to the world as possible."  

Here's everything we know about the BlueWave.

Read the full article in CNET