Blue Planet Energy Unveils Pioneering BlueWave Home Battery System, Creating a New Standard in Clean Energy Design

November 16, 2023
5 Min

HONOLULU, Hawaii, Nov. 16, 2023Blue Planet Energy, a leading provider of premium energy storage systems, is proud to unveil its groundbreaking BlueWave home battery system; an innovative solution that will help power the clean energy revolution.

The BlueWave is the first fully modular residential energy storage solution on the market that can be installed by one technician in less than one hour. It addresses multiple industry challenges such as supply chain bottlenecks, labor shortages, poor serviceability, and complicated installations.

The BlueWave’s sleek unit features a pre-wired system, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring, cables and multiple boxes. Modular batteries and inverters can be simply clicked in, along with a built-in battery management system, battery management unit, and communication panel all within the same unit.

"With the BlueWave, we aim to make energy independence accessible to all and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy products," said Henk Rogers, founder of Blue Planet Energy. “The BlueWave reduces costs, installation times, and meets the urgent needs of homeowners and the clean energy sector.”

With energy storage capacities ranging from 3kWh to 48kWh, the BlueWave's modular system suits the requirements of different homes. It can adapt to time-of-use needs, provide backup power, and accommodate growing energy demands. The system ensures safety and reliability with non-toxic lithium ferrous phosphate batteries.

The BlueWave's design has been praised by CNET for its "ridiculously easy battery installation" and "compact, modular, and aesthetically pleasing" features. Unlike other home energy systems, BlueWave's 50-pound components can be installed by one technician in less than one hour, lowering costs for consumers and enabling installers to deploy more products.

The BlueWave,  operates in harsh conditions, from -4F to 122F, and features stackable battery modules in 3kWh increments. It offers a cost-effective option for homeowners to charge their batteries during the day and avoid peak evening rates.

With the recent introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act, offering a 30% tax credit for home batteries, the industry is expected to grow rapidly. The BlueWave addresses the urgent need for easy installation due to labor shortages. The BlueWave is available for order in the United States and Latin America from distribution partners Greentech Renewables, Innovación Solar and World Technology Supply. To learn more about the system, visit

About Blue Planet Energy Systems

Founded in 2015 by Tetris co-founder and clean energy visionary Henk Rogers, Blue Planet Energy Systems aims to make energy independence accessible to everyone. The company pioneers the use of lithium ferrous phosphate batteries and is known for its award-winning energy storage systems used in homes, businesses, and remote communities worldwide.

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