Henk Rogers On All Things ‘Tetris’, Including Its New Movie Adaptation

March 28, 2023
1 Min

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The rights battle over the video game Tetris are the stuff of games industry legend, which is something a new film is endeavoring to cover. So it only seemed fit to speak to Henk Rogers himself about how it all came about...

“In 2005, I sold a large part of my company and then had a major heart attack a month later. In the back of the ambulance, I realized there was so much more I wanted to do before I died. In the next two weeks, I found my missions in life; the biggest one being to end the use of carbon-based fuel. I created the Blue Planet Foundation and after seven years of lobbying, Hawaii made a legislative commitment to using 100% renewable energy sources for electricity by 2045. Twenty-one US states followed and now have 100% clean energy goals. Realizing this model needed to be exported to the rest of the world, we created the Blue Planet Alliance, an organization which is doing the same thing for island countries to start the domino effect of 100% renewable energy by 2045 for the rest of the world.

“I truly believe that a successful person should use their time, talent and money to fix something that is broken about the world. I set out to create the world’s most environmentally friendly battery and ended up founding Blue Planet Energy.

Read the full article at Forbes