Surviving Hurricane Season (and Beyond)

July 27, 2021

Hurricanes are notorious for leaving a string of collateral damage in their wake. As the last several years have shown, power outages have not only become increasingly common, they are nearly inevitable. For regions like Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands and coastal U.S., which are prone to record-long blackouts for millions of residents, access to electricity is more than just keeping the lights on. Electricity is critical for emergency communications, refrigerating food and medicine, caring for the health and safety of family members. 

We have witnesses utility power severely weakened in the face of high winds, fallen trees and flooding. But for many homeowners, unstable electric grids remain a constant pain point even outside of hurricane season.

The good news is that homeowners and communities have the ability to generate and store their own electricity. This can happen with a solar-plus-storage microgrid - reducing dependence on an unreliable local utility company. 

What is a Microgrid, and How Does it Work?

In a solar-plus-storage microgrid system, homeowners, businesses, and communities can generate their own electricity by converting sunlight into energy through the solar panels on their roof. The building uses this energy to power appliances then stores the excess energy in batteries for later use.

A “grid-tied” solar-plus-storage microgrid means your system is still connected to the utility grid
A “grid-tied” solar-plus-storage microgrid means your system is still connected to the utility grid (Image: Energy Sage)

With a solar-plus-storage microgrid, your site may connect to the grid and draw power from it as backup. Importantly, these microgrids provide greater resiliency and reliability by “islanding” - meaning stay powered up - whenever the grid goes down. A Blue Planet Energy solar-plus-storage microgrid can integrate a variety of clean and traditional energy sources, like a generator. 

Once installed, building owners gain peace of mind in knowing their microgrid is providing: 


Day or night, solar-plus-storage microgrids deliver reliable, clean energy regardless of disruptions to the local electric grid. Rest easy knowing the needs of your home and family will continually be met. 

Lower Energy Costs

Stop paying high energy bills for unreliable power. Generating your own electricity through solar will save you money each month, as you now consume less power that you have to purchase from your utility company. 

Long-Term Sustainability   

Leveraging the power of the sun, your microgrid reduces your household’s carbon footprint by relying on clean, renewable resources. The environment, and future generations, thank you. 

The Blue Planet Energy Advantage

Choosing the right technology for your solar-plus-storage microgrid can seem daunting at first, but there is a reason Blue Planet Energy’s battery storage solutions are installed in thousands of homeowners and communities throughout hurricane-prone regions. 

Working side-by-side with vulnerable communities to develop local resilience, our experience navigating the complexities of diverse environments makes us uniquely qualified to offer the best solution for your needs.

Take a look at a few of the reasons homeowners and organizations trust Blue Planet Energy.


With an unmatched 15-year warranty, owners never have to worry about the performance of their system or scheduling routine inspections. 

Safe, Reliable Blue Ion Technology

Our products are certified to the highest standards of safety, and they’re built to power your site for decades to come. 

Custom System Sizing 

Whether you need 16 kW of energy storage capacity, 128 kW, or somewhere in between, every system is designed to meet your energy demands. 

Low Physical Footprint

Does your property have limited space for large equipment? Don’t worry. Our batteries are compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces while still maintaining maximum energy capacity.  

Microgrid Solutions that Sustain Communities Year-After-Year

Perhaps the most devastating reality of hurricane disaster is that the same communities are often hit again and again. So while it’s important to equip your home with the ability to supply its own power, it is equally critical to ensure resilience within your community in the event you and your family need to evacuate to a local shelter or emergency center. 

From helping neighborhoods in Baja California become more energy independent; partnering with the American Red Cross on Puerto Rico’s largest resilience projects to date; and powering water pumping stations, hospitals and children’s shelters in communities in need, Blue Planet Energy successfully empowers both individuals and communities to live the clean energy future.  

Interested in taking the first step toward energy resilience? Schedule a meeting to for a customized energy solution with our Sales Team and for any other questions, contact our Customer Experience Team.